What is Health Kinesiology?

Emergency Synergy Tap

This video is designed to help with BioEnergetic Allergies and is a self help tool that many clients employ to strengthen their energy systems when used on a regular basis.

Jimmy Scott’s Ph.D. definition of BioEnergetic Reaction Disturbance (Allergy):-

BioEnergetic Reaction Disturbance (allergy) is an altered energy response (disturbance) at the BioEnergetic level. Tolerance is a metabolic issue – how much of a substance can the body handle at any given time without reacting to it, again at a BioEnergetic level.

Jimmy Scott’s definition is closest to the original meaning of the word [from German Allergie (indicating a changed reaction), from Greek allosergon activity]

Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

Please note this is different from the medical definition of allergy.

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