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What Doctors Don’t Tell You About Diabetes


Type II Diabetes is self inflicted through diet and lifestyle. This means that you can treat it quite simply by improving your diet and lifestyle! LA Times Reports on Patients Eliminating Diabetes Meds Through Diet, Exercise

Dairy: Friend or Foe?

Milk seems to be one of the most controversial products around. Some say that people and especially children need to drink plenty of milk to grow and develop strong bones and teeth. Others says that we should stay well away from it. So who do we believe? I’ve done some research on the matter and will let you draw your own conclusions.

Fancy a Cuppa?


One would think that in a nation of tea lovers, a steady supply of water is not a concern. OK, we are mostly made up of water, with only 25% of our bodies being solid matter but is drinking water a yet another passing fad?