10-16-09 Eating breadWhy are refined grains damaging to our health? This might be a useful question to have whirling around in your mind while walking past a bakery.

1) Harmful Microforms

First of all, all stored grains start to ferment within 90 days and are full of harmful mycotoxins and microforms.

2) Acidic

Secondly, grains are very acidic. The most acidic grain is wheat, followed by rye, oats and barley in that order. When grains like whet are refined they become even more acidic. When there’s an acid/alkaline imbalance in our body, especially in the blood it creates an environment where bacteria, yeast, fungus, and mould thrive. This means that when we are over acidic, we rot inside, which corrodes body tissue and interrupts cellular activities and functions in the body causing damage to the emotional and psychological health. Furthermore, pathogenic microorganisms produce waste or mycotoxins thus polluting our bodies and making them acidic even further.

3) Mucus

Another problem with refined grains is mucus. Mucus is a natural defense against acid as a way to bind them up and get them out of the body. If it wasn’t for mucus, the acid would burn the whole in our cells, tissues and organs. However, eating acidic foods lead to mucus build up causing poor digestion, nasal congestion, lung congestion (as in asthma) and continual throat cleaning. All the grains listed above, have gluten in them, which is very mucus forming. It coats the lining of the large intestine, glues up kidneys and other organs. The clue is in the name. Glue ten or glue to the power of ten. When our internal organs such as intestines are glued up nutrients can’t come in and toxins can’t get out, the bowel flora is upset and the body loses its natural ability to cleanse and heal itself.

4) Difficult to Digest

Apart from being mucus forming, gluten is also very difficult to digest. Some sources say that wheat is so challenging for our bodies that it takes four weeks to digest one wheat meal such as pasta.

5) Allergic Reactions

When gluten particles pass from the gut into the blood antibodies, which stimulate the release of histamine are formed. When the level of histamine is high enough, it can cause allergic reactions. This will be accompanied with inflammation in the gut. In severe cases, it can wear away the absorptive surface of the gut, which can cause diarrhoea and mal-absorption.

6)Nutritionally Deficient

What about nutritious quality of refined grains? During the refining process of wheat the germ and the bran is removed so that all that is left is flower. This means that the most nutritious part of the grain including fiber, vitamins and minerals is lost. Before flower is sold it is fortified with the cheapest form of minerals and vitamins that are poorly absorbed by the body. Only a small fraction of what is lost is replaced.

7) Toxic

Another reason why refined grains are damaging to our health is that they are loaded with toxic additives such as knife eating breadcarbon dioxide and bromine.

8 ) Bleached

Furthermore, it has to be bleached to retain its whiteness that is lost during the milling process.

9) Flavorings

As wheat is so bland on its own, it has lots of flavorings added to it. It also has has sugar added to enable the baker’s yeast to prove the dough and make it rise. Salt is also added to enhance the flavor and to prevent the loaf from rising too much.

10) Hyperglycemia

Finally, refined grains are no longer a complex carbohydrate. This means it is no longer converted into glucose slowly. In other words it is no longer a slow release source of energy. It needs little digestions, is absorbed rapidly and glucose floods the body and the cells and this state of hyperglycaemia can lead to diabetes. If glucose is not use up as energy straight away, the body will store is as fat.

All of these factors make refined grains very challenging for the body. Its no wonder that when abused, allergies and intolerances are developed to wheat and gluten as the immune system is compromised. It has no dietary benefit whatsoever and is therefore akin to eating cardboard. These ten reasons explain why white flower is the number one enemy in nutrition.

How about this lovely picture of gooey, acidic, toxic, mucus forming fat attack? Mouth watering smell of freshly baked bread? Maybe not.